English wine has been around longer than you think. The English have been making their own wine for centuries, even before the Romans arrived, but it’s still not a country that, until recently, the wider population associated with wine production. A variety of social, economic and cultural factors have been leading to a rise of English wine, both in terms of production and consumption, but what are the key factors in its meteoric success and will this upturn trend continue?

The local factor

Long before anyone was talking about Brexit, people were talking about localism. As an antidote to globalism, everyday folk in the UK were becoming more concerned with the implications of buying in products from abroad, when things could just as well be made and purchased at home. Buying something which has been produced in the UK provides local people with jobs and encourages the use of our countryside for sustainable arable farming, plus it puts money straight back into the British economy, and at times like these that’s no bad thing.

The environment

One reason for the growth in ‘local’ demand is down to the environmental impact of wine transportation. A Malborough Sauvignon from New Zealand may have unbeatable taste, but to ship it from the other side of the world adds a cost that isn’t just financial, it takes its toll on the climate too.

Best of British

British soil and limited sunshine hours mean some wines fare better in the UK than others. In particular, sparkling English wines are claiming plenty of awards and being served in restaurants and bars all over the UK. White grapes, such as Chardonnay, Bacchus and Pinot Meunier, are commonly found in English wines as well as Pinot Noir in light reds and roses. At present, however, full-bodied reds are still best left to the French and Aussies.

This trend is not going anywhere and as demand goes up the prices will come down, encouraging more and more of us to sample the delights of homegrown wine. If you’re thinking of bringing a local flavour to your event, contact us at Ultimate Bars to let you and your guests sample English wine for yourselves.