Pointing out that weddings can be expensive is a bit like explaining the sun can be hot when it shines. Even if you’re not trying to surpass the nuptials of a premiership footballer, saying “I do” can prove a costly declaration of love.

Dresses, suits, cars, flowers, venue hire, catering and decorations are among a long list of items and services that need to be paid for. So budgets are a must if you don’t want to risk divorce over the final bill.

One of the biggest sticking points when you’re planning a wedding can be the decision on what type of bar to have. Will your guests be treated to free drinks all night or a few complimentary glasses after the ceremony, or will they be warned to bring their wallets?

The answer will usually depend on your budget, or whether your guests can be trusted to behave after drinking a gallon of free wine. But whatever your decision, Ultimate Bars can help.

If it’s a free bar you’re after, we can offer a price per person, or a final bill at the end of the night.

A tab bar will allow you to provide free drinks until a certain time, or until a sum of money runs out, and after that your guests will be charged for what they order.

A cash bar is exactly what it sounds like, aside from the fact that we also accept card payments. The point is, your guests pay for all of their own drinks.

Ultimate Bar’s wedding flexibility also extends to the locations we can set up in. We have the equipment to provide a fantastic service whether your guests are gathered in a public hall, marquee or your own home.

To find out more about our bespoke wedding packages, just give us a call.