It’s a dead cert that a hangover will follow on from excessive drinking, but what is less conclusive, is how to cure those intolerable morning-after symptoms. There are many mainstream methods that people use to nip a hangover in the bud, but others swear by less conventional means. Here are four out-of-the-ordinary hangover cures.

1. Pickle juice

The thought of drinking pickle juice might make some people wretch, but others swear by it for staving off hangover symptoms. It might not be as strange as it sounds – pickle juice is rich in salty electrolytes, which can aid recovery following a boozy session.

2. Sheep’s eyes in tomato juice

When Mongolians overdo it on alcohol, it’s believed that their top remedy for curing a hangover is pickled sheep’s eyes in tomato juice. A Japanese study confirms that tomato juice can cleanse alcohol from the liver.

3. Dried bull’s penis

Sicilians don’t reach for the aspirin when they’ve overindulged on booze, instead, their preferred choice for kicking a hangover into touch is dried bull’s penis or ‘pizzle’. Rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, this may work by replacing lost nutrients in the body.

4. Green ant tea

Many people relish a cup of tea to replenish lost fluids after a tipple or two, but Australians go one step further. Aborigines have savoured green ant tea for centuries as a natural remedy for curing everything from a cold to a headache, as well as a hangover. Insects are protein-rich, so may help to give the body a much-needed boost.

Although we don’t encourage drinking to excess, with Christmas looming, enjoying a tipple is likely to be on the cards for many of us. If you’d like your festive bash to go off with a bang, contact Ultimate Bars for a memorable occasion.